whitesky property

There are many property systems providing floor to ceiling functionality and they all have one common flaw, they were not built for your organisation.
Property packages have to please all their Customers at the same time from the same package. This can tie them in knots preventing them from providing you with your exact business process and preventing them from moving forward with new versions and technology. The result, an industry well supplied with systems that no one is enthusiastic about and that are acknowledged as expensive and inefficient.

So how does WhiteSky Property provide a different approach?
WhiteSky Property is a comprehensive template providing industry standard functionality that can be configured to an organisations business process. There need be no compromises in design and reports and dashboards can be easily configured by Customers. Functionality can be added or modified as requirements change and there isn’t the burden of version upgrades with all of the diversion of resources to this thankless task. WhiteSky Property is delivered as a Cloud service to any Internet enabled device for a low monthly subscription cost.

WhiteSky Property includes, among others, the following modules:

  1. Funds: Based on the common Asset Management template, the fund administration part of WhiteSky Property includes KYC, Investor Relations and portfolio management.
  2. Properties: Floors/Units
  3. Leases: (incentives/breaks, operating costs, security, currency),
  4. Tenants: Tenancy schedule
  5. CRM: Company and Contacts, including linking through for tenants and related reports.

We have a videos section which details how to use the system, along with a getting started guide explaining the core concepts of how to build systems. There is also a walkthrough video illustrating how to create and build a system in under 10 minutes.