Below is listed a variety of videos to help you understand how the interface works. We've even included a short 10 minute video to get you started on building your first fully functional system from scratch!


Introduction to WhiteSky Studio

The following video runs through the basic advantages of using Whitesky Studio compared to what is currently available and used as industry standard.

Core Tools Functionality

This video covers the core functionality in the Whitesky Studio platform. This demonstration, based on the Apollo missions highlights the Core Tools available out of the box within the system. Including Auditing, Permissions, Document Management and Relationship Management. 

Further to our series based on the "Apollo" missions we've added a video to run through various topics to help familiarise yourself with the capability of using WhiteSky studio, the following Learn More


On our series of videos detailing how to build an entire system using the WhiteSky Studio platform, the Core Queries Functionality walkthrough

This is based on our "Apollo" mission training material and teaches rapidly how to use the querying tool out of the box 

10 minutes design and build

This walkthrough is based on our "Apollo" training material, which will guide you through the process to build an entire system from scratch covering