Performance Guaranteed:WhiteSky Studio has implemented load balancing technologies to improve performance

As part of our continuous improvement program WSS has added load-balancing technologies to ensure Customers always have good system performance.

As users of WSS come on line, some with complex system resource requests, their impact on the servers at MS Azure is monitored and additional servers allocated. Likewise, if large reports or background tasks are running more servers are allocated. Servers are scaled down during periods of lower activity. This scalability automatically ensures good performance ‘on demand’ as resources ‘follow-the-sun’ for all Customers.

Load balancing is achieved in two ways:

Performance Monitoring: the WSS monitoring service collects statistics on all servers hosted in the Cloud at MS Azure. Activity is recorded every 30sec and evaluated for action every half hour.

Load Balancing: If the CPU utilisation or server requests per second, exceed a performance threshold more servers are added to the service; if utilisation or requests falls below a performance threshold servers are withdrawn. A broad range of memory usage and traffic data is gathered for analysis so WSS can react to Customer activity and ensure performance is always optimal.

The capability of Cloud based services to immediately add, or remove, servers provides a level of service that few in-house systems can aspire to.