Europa Communications

Europa provides outsourced business development and marketing solutions to the technology sector. WhiteSky Studio has been used to develop a ‘demand generation’ application for Europa’s 70 sales developers.  Richard Sapsed Operations Manager “By replacing a process reliant on MS Excel files and e-mail with a cloud based real-time information system we

Live Backups

WhiteSky’s innovative approach delivers a solution for one of the bête noirs of Cloud applications.

For no additional cost WhiteSky provide all Customers with an automatic rolling back-up that can be accessed ‘live’ from the system tool bar. Customers can log-in to both the ‘live’ and ‘back-up’ versions of their database and file attachments to identify disparities. This facility can be used for training and configuration exercises.

Every night the Automatic Backup System copies all Customer data and files and creates a ‘back-up’ account. WhiteSky keep all backups for the last 10 days and for every Sunday in the year. If a Customer has elected to store their data in a separate database they can specify their back-up options.

WhiteSky Studio in the Windows App Store

WhiteSky Studio is now available on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT.

You can download the Windows Phone 8 App from here.
You can download the Windows Store App from here.

Sharing the same core framework the applications perform the same functionality on either your phone or tablet. The application allows you to:

  • View all data on the system through the menus for your role
  • Search for data
  • Open items and navigate relationships
  • Create new, Update and Delete data
  • Processes all your configured formulas including those driving configuration options

This now enables you to use WhiteSky on the go, or mobile. As a true cloud based product the WhiteSky Studio Apps have no problem performing on a 3G connection, just like the full desktop PC/Mac version can too.

We are understandably very excited about this release and have big plans to continue improving the applications, including (but not limited to):

  • Displaying Queries
  • Displaying charts/graphs and management information
  • Adding homepage support
  • Document Management integration

The ultimate goal being that you’ll have the full ability to use your WhiteSky Studio solution from your phone or tablet just like your PC/Mac (though without the Admin configuration ability).

We are also starting development of an HTML5 version for all other devices – watch this space.

New CRM Templates available

Our Partner Tuppence London has made available CRM/Event Management and Point of Sale templates.

This CRM/ Event Management template can be adopted & adapted to match the exact business processes employed for service delivery, whether it is Event Management, Marketing or any other activity. This trial CRM template is not an end product but designed to show the possibilitiesand flexibility of this approach.

The template contains:

  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Events
  • Activities
  • Employees
  • An on-screen homepage report showing ‘my’ to-do list

The Point of Sale template is designed for retailers who need to know the preferences of their Customers and engage in direct marketing. The template contains:

  • Customers
  • Call logging
  • Events
  • Products
  • Stock
  • Sales

Please contact WhiteSky if you would like further information on how to use this template.

Use this link to access the template:


Application Templates

When you trial a WhiteSky Studio account you can choose a template application do get you started. Templates provide functionality which can be adopted or adapted to your requirement.

Our Partners it Venture have provided a Private Equity administration template, investIQ. This tempalte provides a feature-rich flexible portfolio management tool that can be designed to fit your business processes. Modules provided include:-

- Deal flow – CRM – Fund raising – Fund capital transactions – Portfolio management and investment transactions – Reporting – Audit trail

Use this link to access the investIQ trial account.

Federated Database

As part of our continuous improvement program WSS has revised the database architecture to allow Federated Databases (or Sharding).

This enables Customer’s data to be held in separate databases with dedicated servers and enhanced performance.

For more information link to the article published in Microsoft TechNet Flash Newsletter


New Partner


WhiteSky is pleased to announce a new partner, Tuppence London Ltd.

Tuppence London specialises in the financial services sector providing business analysis and project management services.

Tuppence London uses WhiteSky Studio to build Cloud based solutions including CRM, front office deal flow & fund raising, retail customer & stock control, event management, & marketing.