Features Overview

The following below is an outline of some of the main features WhiteSky Studio offers.  

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Rapid, Reliable... refined.

WhiteSky Studio ground-breaking approach to application design is transforming the way businesses experience software acquisition and development improving system design, reducing implementation time and above all increasing return on investment.

Replace Legacy Systems

Break free from the limitations of Excel & Access. Avoid error prone labour intensive processes and provide access for multiple users whilst ensuring accountability through detailed audit trails. 

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Cloud Security

The increased usage of Cloud based applications has driven the demand for increased Cyber security. WhiteSky Studio ensures your data is safe against intruders and viruses by offering 9 levels of security.

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Report Writing

WhiteSky Studio provides a complete and efficient report writing capability reducing the difficulties associated with providing reports and reducing cost overruns. 

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Business RAD

Our RAD solution changes the experience of acquiring and implementing software solutions. Anyone with working business knowledge can easily design the requirements without a need for technical programming or database skills.


WhiteSky Software has considerable experience in managing and migrating large volumes of data and has applied this to building a flexible Cloud based RAD configuration tool that is ideal for data migration. 


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