Desktop PC/Mac

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Putting the business back in the driving seat

WhiteSky Studio provides:

  • Faster application building
  • Tremendous ‘out of the box’ design capability
  • Best of class generic functionality

WhiteSky Studio is different from other RAD tools – there is no data model or data layer: it does not require database or programming expertise, there is no scripting or SQL statements. Using simple drag-and-drop steps applications are rapidly created as requirements are discussed.
All that is required is the business knowledge to describe the functionality and a working familiarity with Excel like formulas.

  • Workflow, document management, relationship management
  • MS Office integration
  • Querying of all data and relationships, advanced sorting, grouping, filtering, exporting, importing, searching and editing
  • Dashboards/Reports/Graphical analysis
  • Auditing, user roles/UI permissions



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If you want people to frequently update or receive information the device has to be the one that is ‘always in the hand’. When you configure an application in WhiteSky Studio the tablet version is automatically available. WhiteSky Tablet provides tablet based access to all WhiteSky applications: there is no additional configuration or set-up work required.

The process of building a WhiteSky Tablet application could not be simpler. You design and configure your application using WhiteSky Studio with all of the permissions, screen layouts, and data fields. This application can, with no further work, be accessed from a smart phone obeying the permissions you set and using the same Cloud based encrypted service.

Download WhiteSky Studio for your Windows 8+ device here.


If you're constantly on the move and need to access your data whilst on the go, our WhiteSky Studio platform is also available for mobile devices. 


The process of building a WhiteSky Mobile application is no different to other platforms. Download WhiteSky Studio for your Windows Phone here.