Cloud & Security


Cloud & Security

There are articles available on the WEB describing Cloud technology and discussing the security of data: we provide links to some in the White Papers section.  WhiteSky uses Cloud-based application delivery because it’s significantly cheaper, and more efficient & secure than traditional ‘in-house’ hosted systems. Here are some of the features that persuaded us:

User Access

With our working days becoming more flexible (and longer!) we need to access business applications from anywhere at any time. A Cloud application can be accessed from any web enabled device and is available 24/7

Smart Phone

There is one device that is ‘always in the hand’, the smart phone. A Cloud application such as time sheets gets updated much more often if the application is ‘in the hand’.

Team work

If your business benefits from fast and effective communications, especially if it is multi-site or multi-country then accessibility of Cloud applications can improve business communications, boost teamwork and increase productivity.

Data security

Data stored in a secure, well-protected data centre, such as MS Azure, is safer than information on an office server. MS Azure has 9 levels of security to keep intruders out and protect against viruses. All data transferred is fully encrypted.

Data backup

Data is backed up 4 times across two data centres.

Laptop security

Losing a laptop can be a major security breach (ask the MoD). With a Cloud application data is not stored locally so cannot be ‘lost’; you can just login from another computer and carry on working.

Infrastructure maintenance

The maintenance of the server and database is performed at the data centre by highly trained technicians: so you are always up to date with the latest database and application software release.

Infrastructure cost

The cost of using Cloud services is considerably less than in-house infrastructure costs; for the majority of business’s you get a far better service than you could afford.

Version upgrades

Every customer is on the same version which removes a tremendous maintenance overhead. When a new version is uploaded the servers are automatically upgraded one at a time without any operational interruption, the next time you log on you download the new version. This means that customers do not get left behind on an old release or have to go through time consuming version upgrades.