Data Migration and Review Management

A large property company set a tight timetable to migrate its legacy property management database to a new enterprise platform. An external team of 12 legal assistants were employed for 3 months to review lease details against original documentation. The challenge was to create a ‘cleansing database’ to control and report the review changes whilst at the same time updating the legacy system and importing operational changes to the cleanse environment. The key requirement was to easily record the source of data changes, evidence authorisation, and report the impact on financial or administrative processes. Following this exercise further fields were added to populate the new property management package and an export format prepared. Throughout this exercise the security of the data and the provision of frequent back-ups was an overarching priority. WhiteSky was engaged 7 working days prior to the commencement of the legal review and configured 350 data fields and migrated 4 Gbytes of data from the legacy database.

Solution approach

Using the WhiteSky Studio Cloud based configuration capability we built the legacy database’s250 fields and worked with the client and cleansing team to add a further 100 fields to record amendments. The system recorded ownership structure, properties, units, tenants, leases, diary entries, and charges all 100% bespoke to the Company’s terminology and business methodology; seven roles were setup with their own dashboards and reports. Validation rules were set and the comprehensive audit trail was used to configure on-screen reports for data changes. Workflows were created to enable the cleanse team to monitor the progress of legal assistants, perform ad hoc checks, and report material changes to the business for authorisation. It was decided to import all data from the legacy system both current and archived: this resulted in importing over 2Gbytes of data. Due to WSS being hosted in the cloud the flexibility of the platform could easily scale to meet the surge in processing demand. The cleanse database was completed and populated ready for the 12 legal assistants to commence their work 6 working days after our initial meeting. The database is backed up daily in 30 minutes and data exported and re-imported to the legacy system.


  • The capability of WhiteSky Studio to provide system utilities such as audit trail, workflow and user permissions, as part of the core capability enabled us to provide all of the necessary functionality
  • The speed at which the system was configured allowed the rapid iteration of requirements generated by project analyst’s, external legal assistant’s and, management. The flexibility of the Cloud based IT resources enabled the data import to be completed within the timetable
  • The Property Company plans to use the configuration capability to provide further applications, such as a KPI dashboard
  • The project was completed to budget within the very challenging timescale